Python gotchas

There are times in life of every Python developer, when you are staring at the screen and can not explain or even understand what just happened.

I would like to show couple of Python gotchas, that should a bring smile onto your face. At least that's the effect they ...


Pyp split brain

"The Pyed Piper", or pyp, is a linux command line text manipulation tool similar to awk or sed, but which uses standard python string and list methods as well as custom functions evolved to generate fast results in an intense production environment.

-- Sony

Fist checkout the demo video on YouTube ...


Essential tool set

I believe that every developer should have this essential set of tools for day to day use. You might not realize you actually using it, most of the times it's just habit, or as you like "only reasonable way to do stuff". Someone might argue that tools you're ...


Daily standup - developer or story oriented

We are doing this every day, it's part of the routine. After some time it becomes a second nature. Our daily stand-up...

Over the times I worked in teams with stand-ups organized in both ways: around team members and stories.

With stand-up focussed on team members' work, you get ...